Herzlich Willkommen bei GANAIM Celtic Folk Music!

Heiß, heiß, heiß: Unser drittes Studioalbum DEDICATED!

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Ganaim stellt sich vor.

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Welcome to GANAIM Celtic Folk Music!

We are very happy and proud to reach people around the world with our music. We are working on a multilingual homepage, at this very moment most of this site is German only, sorry for that. Our latest CD „Public House“ was released on July, 7th 2017. We did arrange 12 gorgeous tracks, each of them is our very heartblood.

Here you can check out some snippets, have fun 😉

The rest of our site, except latest posts from in our news-ticker „Neues„, is German only. We are very sorry for that and hope translations will be finished soon for all our friends abroad =)

Saskia, Zorny & Pínto